Which device do you most often use to talk to people?

정: Mobile Phone

James: Mobile Phone, just Kakaotalk

Park: Mobile Phone, but laptop is more convenient on my laptop.

Bella: Phone or laptop, Facetime(Apple) Discord

핸드폰 아니면 노트북을 사람대화할때 가장 많이 쓴다

Which device do you most often use for work?

James: laptop and tablet. Cuz I have business trips. A lot of trips. Laptop is sometimes too heavy for me. I asked my boss if I could have a tablet. Tablet not as good as laptop, but still a good option.

Park: I mostly use desktop or laptop. Working at home using laptop and desktop (more desktop at home). More laptop at workplace because public desktops and they were shared for security.

Bella: iPad for school. If we use PDF files.

정: I usually use my company’s desktop. I write my documents on company’s desktop. Share data with my colleagues by using company’s messenger. Public servant. We can’t use Google. Only public portal. I want to be 5th, but my career is young.

일할때는 노트북아니면 태블릿 기기를 가장 많이 쓴다.

Which device do you use to do your hobbies?

James: I watch movies on my bed using my laptop. It’s not uncomfortable. I got used to it. My posture is kinda like sitting.

Bella: I use my TV to watch Netflix. Romance or Crime. American movies mostly.

정: Pilates. I sometimes do Pilates at home. I exercise Pilates. Watching Pilates using phone on Youtube.

James: I use my laptop to watch British drama. Misfits -> superhero. I’m on the fourth season. Comedy and action.

David: My hobby is watching Youtube. I use my cell phone or tablet. I use my tablet more often to watch Youtube. Tablet has a bigger screen.

취미활동을 하기위해 노트북과 폰을 가장 많이쓴다.

Why do you think laptops are more popular in corporate?

James: I usually use laptop because it’s portable and easy to move.

Park: Laptop is easy to carry. That’s why I think i’m using.

Bella: I think laptops are easier to carry anywhere you want to go.

정: I think laptops are easy. And we can work together using laptop in office and out of office.

James: In the past, I had to take notes. But now, I can use. I can just type it using laptop. It is more convenient than taking notes using my wrist.

사기업과 회사문화에서는 사람들이 업무할때 노트북을 가장 많이 선호한다.

What do you think determines the needs for a computer device?

Bella: Price, design, and portability.

정: Speed, functionality, Internet is not speedy, then I’m so angry.

James: Reviews on a device. The more reviews, the better. Usually. How to check if the reviews aren’t fake? I check the IDs on the site and their activities.

David: Screen size. I check the CPU and memory. 32GB. I bought the laptop by its price. 150-200, 000 만원

Park: If I want to buy desktop, then I check for its performance specs and price.

가격, 속도, 스크린 사이즈, 성능이 기기를 고를때 가장 중요한 요소이다.

What are the limitations of a mobile device that you can do in a laptop or desktop?

Park: Games. We can’t play computer games on mobile devices.

Bella: I don’t play any games. No limitations. Smaller screens. I’d still use iPad. I don’t want to pause the device Netflix when I’m watching. I use iPad mostly for Netflix.

정: I think mobile devices usually have small screen. Desktop is easier to write letters(e-mail) and watching movies than phones.

James: Mobile Devices are as good as laptops or desktops.

David: Mobile Devices more efficient and convenient than laptop or desktop.

요즘엔 스마트폰이 못하는게 없다. 컴퓨터가 필요없을 정도이지만, 동시에 2개 이상의 다른 활동들을 할 때엔 폰말고 다른 기기를 동시에 사용할 수 있다.

Is the Internet important?

Bella: Sometimes when we pre-download shows from Netflix. I watch Netflix offline on phones and iPad. There is no download or offline function or Youtube and Netflix with laptop.

정: We use Internet in our workplace. We downloaded documents in Intranet. We type the other documents referring to the downloaded files. We usually use Intranet. We use Internet searching information on Naver. Naver mail and we can use Youtube too. We can use the other company.

James: It is absolutely important at my workplace. There is ERP. Whenever we work, we can get some information from the ERP. Without ERP, I cannot work. ERP is stored in the server. I just use the ERP function. It’s 10 years old. I can access the ERP using ID and password.

David: In office, our Internet access is blocked. We cannot access anything like Chrome or Youtube or Google or Naver. We use ERP and other groupware for the work. And Messenger Software, Internal office messenger is allowed. Email is allowed for each co-worker. If we need to view an Internet site, we use our phones. Offices are very big business, so the rule is the rule. If I get upset, I’ve imagined reformatting all the computers in my office.

Park: When I’m on the plane for fifteen minutes. If I can’t use my Internet anymore, then it might’ve been more boring. The airplane provided some entertainment, but I’ve already watched all the movies.

인터넷은 오프라인 기능이 있어도 업무활동에있어 기기사용도에 매우 중요하다.

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